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Best Ikan Bilis Powder In Singapore

Ikan bilis is a delicacy used as an ingredient or even eaten as a snack itself. What most Singaporeans are not aware of is that Ikan bilis contains nutrition that is imperative for a baby’s developmental growth. Since babies are more sensitive to hard and high-allergen food, Ikan bilis powder is suitable for cooking. noMSG has decided to relieve mothers from the time and effort required to produce Ikan Bilis Powder. Our powders are extremely fine that it dissolves into liquid so seamlessly that your baby will never face any difficulty in consuming the food.

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Ikan Bilis Powder

Premium Ikan Bilis Powder


noMSG’s Premium Ikan Bilis Powder is guaranteed to add the “WOW” factor in your next dish. Your loved ones will never want to eat out again.