Lilo Ikan Bilis Powder

Lilo Ikan Bilis Powder Review

ADDRESS : 2 Mandai Link, Singapore 728664

Phone : +65 90227001

Website : www.lilo.sg

Are you a mother and curious to find out the seasoning powder that most people are raving about? Look no further because Lilo Ikan Bilis Powder lives up to its name and never fails to deliver. Lilo Ikan Bilis has its roots in Singapore a couple of years back, and has gained popularity among mothers in social media throughout the years. In fact, it’s safe to say that Lilo is probably the most popular and has cornered the market for Ikan Bilis Powder. During its years of operations, Lilo has established its reputation as a go-to seller for baby food seasoning. Although their delivery is not the quickest, and price is not the friendliest, we applaud them for the quality of their powders.

Top 3 reasons why Lilo Ikan Bilis Powder is the most famous in Singapore

1. SFA Licensed Food Factory

As a product that serves to mainly babies, parents tend to be cautious when it comes to hygiene safety. Having an SFA Licensed factory gives parents an ease of mind when feeding their babies Lilo’s products. With an automated production factory, the standard of their powders is very consistent.

Of course, when you buy their powders, don’t expect it to taste the same as compared to years back when their powders were handmade. That’s because factory settings are meant to be precise whereas handmade involves love and the human touch.

2. Home Delivery

As mothers, we find ourselves trapped in the comfort of our own homes most of the time. Sometimes it can be a challenge to head out of the house bringing the young ones along. Thankfully, Lilo provides free home delivery for purchases $50 and above. Otherwise, it will be $2.99.

The word out there is that delivery takes about 5 days. After all, if you do not need it urgently, 5 days is worth the wait.

3. Wide Variety

Lilo sells a wide variety of powders : Ikan Bilis, Mushroom, Whitebait and Scallop. Each variety has different beneficial properties and satisfies different tastebuds. Lilo’s powders even come in refill packs that has 5g more than its bottle at the same price.

Of course when you visit their website, don’t get a shock at their prices for being on the high side. That’s because the nature of the product requires time and effort, and the ingredients are not cheap as well.

What are you waiting for? Head over to Lilo’s website and get yourself some tasty seasonings.

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