Baby Food Recipes – 12 months and above

The go-to meals for most babies before baby led weaning is actually puree, in other words congee (rice-porridge). Instead of having plain porridge, it is always good to change things up once in awhile.

Although baby led weaning usually begins at 6-months of age, it is still normal for babies to be feeding off purees and porridge even up to 1 to 2 years old.

It is an obvious indication when you start seeing your baby shunning away from the airplane spoon of the “same-old” porridge. Babies too have tastebuds and it is the interest of every parent to satisfy them.

Today we have a simple recipe of Premium Baby Porridge. Although the given ingredients and instructions are recommended, do note that this recipe is versatile and can be tweaked to your personal preference.
Ingredients shown below contain essential nutritional values for the growth of babies such as protein, calcium, potassium and many more vitamins.

Ingredients :
1. 1/4 cup of rice
2. 3 cups of water
3. 28g / 1oz of orange-colored sweet potatoes (sliced)
4. 28g / 1oz of pumpking (sliced)
5. 1 tsp of Premium Scallop Powder
6. 1 tsp of Whitebait Powder
7. 3 broccoli florets
8. 1 egg yolk

Directions :
1. Wash the rice several times till water is clear
2. Add 3 cups of water into the rice cooker
3. Add remaining ingredients (except egg yolk) into rice cooker
4. Let it for about 40 – 45 minutes (depending on rice cooker)
5. Once cooked, add 1 egg yolk and stir it into a smooth consistency.
6. Lastly, blend the porridge before serving.

VOILA! There you have it. Your very own Premium Baby Porridge. Now you can get the attention of your baby with ease. Show us your end product by tagging us on Instagram @collagensoup.sg